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All about countertops

One of the main kitchen elements is a countertop. The working surface made of high-quality materials is a perfect place for cooking and other everyday tasks. It should have a water-resistant layer and additional protection on the sides. Thanks to this, the product will last much longer and will do without repair.

You can mount a countertop made of cheap and durable materials (plastic) or decide on a more expensive option (marble, natural wood, and so on). Regardless of the preferred surface type, sometimes it may be damaged. Due to this, its further use is impossible.

Countertop installation near me and repair work should be entrusted to professionals. Specialists will decide on the repair method and indicate the cost within the shortest time possible. To ensure that the surface lasts as long as possible, you should call installers or a repairman as soon as you indicate the problem.

Frequent problems with countertops

The most common problems faced after installing a new countertop require timely repairs. They may include the following ones:

  1. Cracks or breaks in the surface joints. This may happen due to incorrect installation or mounting on an uneven support, incorrect load distribution. Thin small surfaces often break, especially near the sink (when the surface surrounds the sink and does not fasten well enough).

A simple DIY repair method is to connect the damaged elements with glue. If this is not enough, the crack is widened, and cavity is filled with materials of the matching color. Then, it needs to be sanded and polished. The best way to repair a countertop quickly is to contact companies of professionals.

  1. Cracks along the edge. If the countertop is large and have insufficient support, the edge may deform from heavy objects, accidental impacts, or constant exposure to moisture.

To avoid unpleasant consequences, you should install additional support along the edge, which lacks supporting elements.

  1. Damage of the back part. If it’s not transported properly, a part of the working surface is often damaged.

The best way to solve the problem is to use special glue with further polishing of the treated part.

  1. Incorrect parameters. You should measure the parameters for a new countertop after finishing the kitchen repair and selecting household appliances. This will make it possible to choose a working surface that completely covers the necessary space. If the measurements are subject to rearrangement, purchase of new electrical appliances, or enlarging the room (dismantling walls, and so on), you may have problems when installing the countertop.

To avoid sharp corners and parts not covered by a working surface, you will need to cut the finished countertop and give it the necessary parameters. To connect the elements, you will need clamps, glue, and an additional support that will enable you to fix the parts securely.

  1. Leaking sink. Insufficient sealing can lead to water accumulation in the countertop. The material will be damaged, and a part of the working surface will need replacement.

To avoid this, you should check the sealing and pipes condition carefully. The countertop should perfectly match the sink parameters, so that there are no gaps between the surfaces.

Countertop replacement principles

When extreme damage makes it impossible to restore certain parts, the whole countertop requires replacement. To do this, you need to measure the working surface and choose the material, which it will be made of. By choosing durable materials and caring for them properly, you will be able to extend the item’s service life.

Before getting down to work, you should prepare the tools and choose a sealant that will perfectly match the selected materials. Epoxy is used for filling. Next, the old surface is dismantled, the accessories are removed, and the previous layer of glue or sealant is cleaned.

The first step is to determine the countertop parameters – whether it is suitable; if not, you should cut off the excess part. Then, granite countertop contractors mark the surface, and drill the areas for the build-in household appliances on its basis.

When the preliminary steps are completed, you should install the surface on the support and connect the parts with a sealant. For reliable fastening, you should use special accessories or fasteners.

To ensure that the joints with the kitchen equipment haven’t been damaged during operation, they are treated with a water-resistant substance. A tape is attached along the countertop edge; an alternative option is metal covers. After installing the built-in equipment and additional communications, countertop contractors in my area allow to start using the working surface. For kitchen countertop installers near me work efficiently, you should contact real specialists.

Countertops type​

There are many types of materials that are installed as a working surface. They differ in price, functions, appearance, and performance. The most popular materials for making countertops are as follows:

  • wood (natural or chipboard);
  • stone;
  • marble;
  • glass;
  • concrete;
  • quartz and others.

When choosing a material for the first countertop installation or replacement with a new one, you should take the performance characteristics, methods of care and advantages of each product type into account.


Slab of chipboard seamlessly fit into the kitchen of almost any design. If the surface is made of wood chips, it costs more. It requires careful use since it may get mechanical damages. To bring external impacts to a minimum, the surface is covered with laminateCountertop repair near me is quite simple – the elements are easy to replace, and the scratched areas are sanded.

Ceramic tiles

Tiles made of ceramic are resistant to water and temperature swings. A variety of colors and design options make it possible to match the surface to the current kitchen design.

If one of the sections is damaged, it can be replaced. Repair requires no significant investments; specialists perform the necessary work quickly. When the surface deteriorates being exposed to sun or improper care, it needs to be bleached with the seams cleaned.


Concrete is one of the most durable materials. The shape can be cast right on the spot – the countertop will look monolithic if you mount the sink at the same time and leave enough space for the built-in equipment.

If damaged, you may need to grout the cracks or completely replace the surface if it splits into several parts.

Natural stone

The most expensive materials are natural stones, including:

  • granite;
  • best quartz;
  • marble and others.

They are scratch- and water-resistant, and don’t fade when being exposed to sunlight. These countertops are even suitable for a bath, where the humidity level is the highest. Timely maintenance and regular care will help to reduce the repair work cost if it’s damaged.

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Countertop installation cost and the price of its restoration depends on a particular type of material and complexity of the performed work. If you want to replace a piece of quartz countertop that has been damaged when in use, the average cost will be about $100 per square foot. Some companies offer free dismantling. The price can increase significantly if additional section leveling or sawing a part for installation of the built-in equipment is required. Sometimes, it’s easier to install a new countertop than to restore the old one.

Replacing a granite countertop will cost $150 on average. If you need to have a new work surface, you will have to wait a few weeks. You can replace the marble elements at a similar cost. Dismantling and disposing is usually free of charge. If the dismantling procedure is complex, the cost of repair work will be higher.

If the kitchen is an island-shaped, the countertop replacement will cost up to $350, depending on the material type and complexity of disassembly and installation. You will have to pay additionally for installing built-in appliances, sinks, or other elements.

Dismantling, repair work, and installation of a new countertop should be entrusted to professionals. They will perform the work in the shortest time possible, using advanced equipment and high-quality materials.