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Shower Installation

Are you building your new home? Or are you looking forward to changing your shower along with your bathroom remodeling project? Perhaps, you had a brilliant idea for your new shower. You had been looking for it online and in your local stores for ages. Finally, your perfect shower has arrived, and you love everything about it: its type, size, and color are just how you envisioned them.

However, there is still an unsolved problem that bothers you – the shower installation. You had thought about installing the shower yourself but eventually found out that the installation process is not as easy as it looks like. It requires much more time than you expected, and now you don’t know what to do.

If you’re struggling to find someone who would install your new shower properly, contact FixerJoe. Our team is happy to help you with your search.

shower installation

Shower Installation Process

People tend to think that the shower installation process includes only the steps taken to install a shower. However, it is important not to overlook the preparation.

  • Choose your shower

Initially, the contractor will determine the type of shower best suited for your bathroom. Your new shower should be compatible with the boiler tank and the water pressure in your house.

A team of your choice will help you find the best shower for your budget, lifestyle and bathroom space. Your local shower installers will give you some advice on the placement of your shower based on your wishes and needs.

choose shower

  • Price estimation

To estimate the price of your shower installation, a plumbing contractor will come to your home and have a look at the type of shower you want to have installed.

A professional will also check the plumbing to find out if there will be any difficulties during the installation. Later on, a team will calculate all the costs and come up with a price for your shower installation.


  • Shower installation

Finally, when you have chosen the shower and know the estimated price of the job, it’s time to install the shower.

The installation process depends on the kind of shower heavily, but there are some general steps that plumbers usually follow to complete the shower installation:

  • A plumbing contractor will measure and mark the area where you want your shower to be. Price estimate
  • A skilled handyman will place the shower tray on the floor correctly. Mark the location
  • A drain cover will be screwed down into the shower tray. Studs install
  • A team member will make sure that the shower tray is level.
  • A professional will seal the shower tray with a bath caulk. Screws at the back
  • To secure the shower panels, a trained plumber will mark each panel and use the previous measurements of the fixtures on the wall to cut the holes for the water control fixtures.
  • A contractor will test fit the panels. C-clamps
  • A skilled team will fit the bottom edges of the panels into the grooves of the shower tray in a specific order. Second cabinet
  • The shower panels will be installed using the shower adhesive. The adhesive will be applied to the areas that come in contact with the walls and the shower tray.
    The panels will be pressed into place one by one. Any excess adhesive will be removed before drying. Mounting screws
  • A professional will install a molded corner, molded soap dish or shelves using the shower adhesive, if necessary. Cabinet doors
  • A certified plumber will put caulk on the shower tray to mount the bottom door track.
    After that, a trained handyman will attach the wall tracks to the wall by placing the rubber bumpers on the screws and securing the tracks with them. Drawer screws
  • A plumbing contractor will measure and mark the area where you want your shower to be. Secure drawer
Rombus Triple ico

The next step is the shower door installation. This process differs from shower to shower because there are various types of doors. However, all of them can be divided into two categories: swinging and sliding doors. If your shower has swinging doors, the installation follows these steps:

  • A skilled plumber will insert the hinge rail into the hinge-side jamb. Price estimate
  • The screw holes will be drilled into the side jamb. The screws will be sunk into the holes from bottom to top to finish mounting the door. Mark the location
  • A professional will test the door by opening and shutting it a few times. Studs install
Rombus Triple ico

If your shower has sliding doors, the shower door installation will be performed as follows:

  • The bumpers will be installed in the side jambs. Then the hanger brackets will be attached to the tops of the door panels using blind nuts. Price estimate
  • A trained handyman will attach the rollers to the hanging brackets by securing the bolts with nuts and tightening them. Mark the location
  • A verified contractor will mount the doors from the header rail and slide the doors a few times. Studs install
Rombus Triple ico

Finally, it’s time to install the shower faucet, arm and head. The process goes like this:

  • A plumber will shut off the water supply valve. Shut off the water supply
  • A skilled handyman will install the chrome flange by twisting it onto the nylon sleeve. A team member will install the retaining screw cover on each handle. Chrome flange
  • A professional will use caulk to seal the gaps between fixtures and the wall. Seal the gaps
  • For the shower arm and head, the fitting will be located in the hole in the wall. The arm will be inserted through the hole, fed into the fitting and sealed with silicone caulk. Shower arm
  • A certified contractor will screw the shower head on the shower arm and tighten it with adjustable pliers. Shower head
  • The area will be cleaned up. Clean up

An experienced and highly skilled contractor that you will find via FixerJoe will ensure you are pleased with the look and functionality of your new shower after the installation.

Shower Repair

The splashing sound of the shower is refreshing. But the dripping when you aren’t in the shower is annoying most of the time. Dripping bathroom showers can flood your water and energy bills with unexpected costs. To provide the best shower repair solution, you need a qualified plumber that can be reached via FixerJoe.

Repairs vary per case. That is because there is a variety of types of showers and, as a result, there are many types of breakages. The most common ones include shower tray and faucet leaks, shower diverter breakage, and skewed shower doors.

Leaks can be really damaging to your bathroom. They can encourage the growth of mold and mildew that may lead to serious health problems.

The humidity can also attract timber pests and may even cause anything timber in your home to collapse, as floorboards are not waterproof. If you need a leaking shower repair, you should contact professionals as soon as possible.

Call FixerJoe today to find a certified plumber for your repair.
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If you have a steam bathroom shower, you may struggle with additional breakages, such as the absence of steam or a lack of steam pressure.

If having a steam shower after a long day is one of the small pleasures of life you wouldn’t like to give up on, contact FixerJoe for your steam shower repair.

Steam shower

Usually, the problems arise because of the leaking of seals and valves within the shower. As a result, the steam doesn’t reach your shower at all or reaches it partly. Also, the electric-powered steam generator may fail after several years of using the steam shower.

You might want to repair your steam shower yourself to save some money. It may come across as a great idea, but there are many risks you should consider before doing it.

You might want to repair your steam shower yourself to save some money. It may come across as a great idea, but there are many risks you should consider before doing it.

If you are not good with electricity, you may not only make the problem even worse but get injured while performing a repair. That is why you should leave steam shower repair to the professionals at FixerJoe. Give us a call, and we will help you contact an expert in the field.

Every repair is different, but generally, a repair process begins with estimation. At this point, the contractor of your choice visits your home for the cost estimation of your shower repair. A skilled plumber identifies the problem, makes decisions on the needed equipment and tools, and calculates the overall price.


The second step is the completion of the repair. A professional handyman removes faulty parts, replaces them with the new ones and seals the joints. The final stage is cleaning up. All teams at FixerJoe guarantee to leave your location cleaner than they found it.

Shower Installation and Repair Cost

Shower installation cost

The price for the shower installation varies depending on the quality of materials, the labor quote in your area, type and size of the shower. The plumbing, walls, and shower base also add to the total pricing of your installation. The outdoor shower installation price depends heavily on the ease of access to plumbing and the kind of enclosure.

Shower installation cost depends on:

Shower with different materials icon

Quality of materials

Shower icon

Type and size of the shower

Area icon

Cost of work in your area

Bathroom shower icon

Bathroom shower

Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower


A simple outdoor shower can cost less than $1,000 to install. The price for a more elaborate outdoor shower installation ranges from $1,000 to $4,000. A high-end shower enclosure installation cost varies from $4,000 to $8,000 or more. Overall, homeowners spend between $2,000 and $9,000 on the bathroom shower installation with the national average of $5,900.

It is no secret that there are many types of showers on the market. The list includes steam, waterfall, outdoor, smart showers, as well as shower-and-bathtub combinations.

The price for a prefabricated steam shower ranges between $1,000 and $5,000, with most units costing from $2,500 to $4,000. Outdoor showers are often cheaper than interior ones because they need a smaller amount of materials. Their average cost varies between $1,000 and $5,000.

The cost of shower-and-bathtub combinations is usually around $2,000. Smart and waterfall showers are the most expensive ones. The price for them ranges from $1,000 to $9,000. The total cost of the shower depends on the fixtures and features you chose too. For example, a shower head can cost from $20 to a few hundred dollars for a luxurious model.

Shower repair cost

The shower repair cost depends on the type of the shower, the materials, the type of repair and the prices for labor in your area. In general, the price for shower repair is usually somewhere between $100 and $600. Most homeowners spend $300 on a leaking shower repair, but the price can be higher or lower, depending on the problem.

Broken head

Broken head

Leaking shower

Leaking shower


For example, you will pay around $150 for a leaking faucet repair. The resealing of your shower will cost you from $350 to $650. The cost of steam shower repair ranges from $150 to $700 as it is one of the most luxurious types of shower. If you experience any problems with your shower, ask for a professional shower repair services at FixerJoe.

Call us today for detailed pricing for your shower services. FixerJoe will help you contact a verified shower contractor in your area with at least 5-year working experience.

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