Septic System Service

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Septic System Service

Our homes are built to provide comfort, peace, and sustainable living. We want everything in our houses to be efficient and convenient. That’s why we use plumbing systems in our daily lives.

Most people don’t take particular interest in where the wastewater from the bathroom and kitchen goes. However, this matter shouldn’t be ignored. Wastewater has to go to a place where it can’t affect your health and the environment – that’s why septic systems were invented.

A septic system is responsible for the treatment of wastewater from drains, sinks, and pumps. It helps dispose of the sewage and is usually installed in rural areas that aren't connected to the public sewer system.

septic system service

Septic systems should be installed correctly and maintained frequently. Unfortunately, homeowners tend to forget about the necessary professional maintenance of their septic systems, such as pumping every three to five years, until there is an obvious need for repair.

The idea of cleaning, installing, and repairing a septic system yourself is rather stinky. And when you can not handle the stench, FixerJoe comes in. FixerJoe is your patient, dedicated, and professional septic system service provider. Our plumbing contractors have the sturdiest stomach and expertise to manage your septic system installation and repair.

septic system service

Their exceptional septic system services offer a personalized solution for your needs. Hire a local professional for your septic system project to save yourself from many unpredictable difficulties and costs.

Call our company today to book your septic system service.

Septic System Installation

A private onsite wastewater treatment system (POWTS) is the other term for a septic system. This system is required for all residential and commercial buildings. If you are to build your new home, you should have the septic system installation on your checklist.

Perhaps, you feel overwhelmed when searching for the best plumbing company to help you with septic systems because there are so many. You have looked all over the web for the nearest septic system service companies but haven’t found what you need yet. If this is your case, contact FixerJoe.

The guys behind the name FixerJoe are trusted allies for septic system installation. Contact our company to book your service with a skilled team of professionals.

septic system service

To make sure that the septic system installation process is clear to you, check the steps that trained contractors at FixerJoe will perform during your installation:

  • Site survey and soil test

Our plumbing contractors will visit your location for a site survey and soil test.

They will locate and measure the best spot in your backyard to install a septic system. A specialist will also check if the soil can drain wastewater.

site survey and soil test
  • Preparing and designing a septic system

A professional plumber will prepare and design your septic system after the site survey and soil test.

FixerJoe will also process and apply for necessary permits. The contractors will wait for the municipal approval before moving on to the next steps.

prepare and design
  • Digging drain field trenches

The trenches will be dug a few feet under the surface.

They will also be lined with gravel to get the water absorbed.

digging the hole for septic tank
  • Digging the hole for the septic tank

The team will dig eight feet down and place the septic tank in the hole.

Rest assured, the contractors will use the best equipment throughout the process.

septic system digging
  • Installing the septic tank

A skilled specialist will install the septic tank while ensuring a positive flow between the tank and the drain field.

The team will put the chambers (if applicable), pipes, and other support needed for your septic system.

install the septic tank
  • Covering up the pipe and tank

The contractors will follow the rules and regulations of the health department.

Skilled plumbers at FixerJoe guarantee successful septic system service and installation for your peace of mind.

Contact us today for a free price estimate of your septic system installation.

sever up the tank

Different Types of Residential Septic Systems

If you are willing to install a septic system in your new home, you should know that you have quite a choice to make, since there are so many different options. All types of septic systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to learn about each type before the decision. Some of the most common types of septic systems include:

  • Conventional septic system

    Conventional septic systems are the most popular ones. A system like that consists of a septic tank and a drain field.

    It is perfect for a small house in a rural area. Inside the septic tank, the wastewater naturally divides into layers – sludge settles to the bottom of the tank, while greases float to the top. Heavy solids stay in the tank, while the effluent goes to the drain field through the pipes.

    Conventional septic systems are usually cheap to install and require less maintenance than other types.

They are also the most likely to be familiar to plumbers, which is an advantage in case of emergency. However, these systems are difficult to clean and install in homes with small land plots.

  • Chamber septic system

    A chamber septic system is an alternative to a conventional one. It is a gravelless system that consists of a septic tank and connected chambers.

    The main difference from a conventional system is that the wastewater goes through the soil in the chambers, where microbes treat the effluent before the wastewater drains into the groundwater.

    Chamber septic systems are more environmentally friendly than conventional ones because they can be made of recycled materials.

They are also easy to deliver and construct. Chamber septic systems are a good fit for areas with high water tables. The most significant disadvantage of this type of septic system is that it has more parts than a conventional system, so the risk of breakages and additional maintenance is higher.

  • Mound septic system

    A mound septic system consists of a septic tank, a pump tank, and a drain field.

    The drain field, in its turn, consists of soil, gravel, and a sand mound. The wastewater flows from the septic tank into a pump chamber, where it is pumped through the mound.

    This type of septic system is suitable for areas where the soil depth is shallow. The main drawback of a mound septic system is that it takes up much space and requires frequent maintenance.
  • Sand filter septic system

    In a sand filter system, wastewater flows from the septic tank to the pump tank. In the pump tank the water is pumped to the sand filtration system.

    Installing a sand filter septic system in your home is a good idea if your area has a high groundwater level.

    This type of septic system also requires a large amount of maintenance.
  • Aerobic treatment unit

    An aerobic treatment unit injects oxygen into the treatment tank, which increases bacterial activity. The bacteria provide additional treatment for effluent.

    This system’s advantage is that it can be used in houses with small plots and in areas with high groundwater tables and inadequate soil conditions. Aerobic treatment units should be regularly maintained to work properly.

If you are not sure that you want to dig into the world of septic system types, call FixerJoe. Our trained contractors can help you choose the best septic system to install. You can be certain that professionals will consider your preferences, needs, and budget while looking for the perfect septic system for your home.

Call us to schedule your septic system installation as soon as possible.

Septic System Repair

Your septic systems are built to last for years. However, a problem can occur unexpectedly. Professional plumbers, like the ones at FixerJoe, can do a swift and streamlined septic system repair.

Their expertise in plumbing system installation and repairs has expanded over time. Contractors at FixerJoe have satisfied over 2,500 homeowners with professional septic system repairs. If you need emergency septic system service, our company offers immediate and effective help.

Usually, the septic system repair process includes:

  • Pumping the tank

When professionals come to your house, they will locate your septic tank to pump it.

Emptying the septic tank is beneficial for septic system repair.

pump your tank
  • Cleaning the septic pipes

Septic system troubles usually come from clogged septic pipes.

That’s why the team will scrape the septic pipes and ensure they are clog-free.

clean your pipes
  • Doing the necessary repairs

The septic system repair will depend on the type of system and the extent of the damage.

Plumbers will use appropriate equipment to gain back the wholesome functionality of your septic system.

necessary repairs

Signs That You Need an Emergency Septic System Repair

  • Slow drains on the sink
slow drains
  • Sewage backups on toilets
sewage backups
  • Foul smells on drainage and toilets
foul smells
  • Inadequate septic tank maintenance
Call us today for your septic system repair.

Average Cost to Install and Repair a Septic System

  • The average cost to install a septic system

The cost to install a septic system depends on the condition of the sewer and the soil the septic tank will go into. The average price starts at $3,500. Research shows that homeowners spend between $2,500 and $5,000 on a conventional or an aerobic septic system.

Septic system installation cost depends on:

Condition of the sewer

Condition of the sewer

Labor quote

Labor quote



Other types of septic systems are much more costly – the price for a mound septic system is $15,000 on average, with annual maintenance costs as high as $500. A sand filter septic system costs around $8,000 to install, and a chamber system installation cost ranges from $5,000 to $12,000.

Concrete tank

Concrete tank

Plastic tank


Fiberglass tank

Fiberglass tank


The cost of a septic tank alone is impacted by the material it is made of and its size. Average prices for concrete septic tanks range from $720 to $1,250, fiberglass tanks cost from $1,600 to $2,000, and plastic tanks – from $830 to $1,300. Depending on the size, the price for a septic tank may vary from $500 to $2,500.

The labor costs for this type of project are high because a septic system installation isn’t a quick and easy task. The entire project can take three weeks or even longer.

The cost of soil testing ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, and the design of the system is $600 on average.

Expect to pay around $950 to clear the land and $1,250 to install the septic tank. The price for a drain field varies from $3,000 to $15,000. The necessary permits cost $250 to $450, and the pump alarm is $720 on average.

The cost of soil testing ranges between $1,000 and $2,000, and the design of the system is $600 on average. Expect to pay around $950 to clear the land and $1,250 to install the septic tank. The price for a drain field varies from $3,000 to $15,000. The necessary permits cost $250 to $450, and the pump alarm is $720 on average.

  • The average cost to repair a septic system
Remove roots

Remove roots

Cracked septic tank

Cracked septic tank


Septic system repairs cost an average of $600 to $3,000. Expect to pay $250 to $1,500 to replace the pump or remove roots. Septic line repairs cost $1,000 to $5,000, and a septic tank pump repair is $250 to $400 on average.

The price for removing the roots from the septic tank is $600 to $1,600. Homeowners usually spend $2,000 to $10,00 on a cracked septic tank repair. Adding bacteria to the septic tank costs around $500, and a drain field rejuvenation is $3,000 on average.

Call our professional plumbing contractors to find out whether you need a repair or a new septic system.

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