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(½ HP chain-drive opener )

Garage Door Opener Replacement

You’ve lived a peaceful life in your house on the outskirts of the town for ten years now. Everything was going fine until you noticed that your garage door refused to open after the first button press.

You thought it was a one-time occurrence, but this situation kept repeating again and again.

garage door opener

After a while, you had probably been late for work a few times because of this issue. You realize that your broken garage door opener frequently stands in the way of your daily tasks, and it’s time to replace the device.

Garage door openers aren’t something homeowners buy too often since they last up to 20 years. Because the replacement happens so rarely, people tend to forget how a garage door opener works and purchase unsuitable types of openers for their garage doors. Therefore, it’s important to know the basics of the mechanism’s operation to avoid making the same mistake.

garage door opener

A garage door opener looks like a complicated device, but in reality, it is a simple appliance. After you press a button on the remote control, it sends the radio signal to the receiver in the garage door opener. Then, a chain, belt, or screw provides motion to extend or twist a spring mounted above or next to the garage door. The hinged panels allow the door to flex as it is raised through the opening. Rollers run on rails on both sides of the door and guide it up and down to open or close it.

If you are looking for a local contractor to replace your garage door opener, contact FixerJoe. Contractors at our company are experienced and knowledgeable. Rest assured that the replacement is handled with precision and dedication.

Reasons to Replace a Garage Door Opener

Even if your garage door opener works flawlessly, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t replace it. The world around us is changing every day, so we must keep up with the times. Here are several reasons why you might need a replacement.

  1. Security

    Everybody wants to feel safe at home, but with an old garage door opener, it may be difficult to feel that way.

    Unfortunately, old garage door openers are vulnerable to thieves because they can break into the house using your garage door code. Newer models have a feature that changes the code constantly, so it is impossible to duplicate it.
  2. Quiet operation

    If you are tired of your garage door opener waking up your loved ones early in the morning, consider the replacement.

    You can install a belt or screw drive opener instead of the chain drive one. Those are much quieter, so with the new opener, all members of your family will get enough sleep.
    Quiet operation
  3. Battery backup

    Homeowners, who live in rural areas, often face inconveniences due to frequent power outages. One of the worst consequences of it is the inability to open the garage door when the power is out.

    Nowadays, many garage door openers have battery backup systems. Therefore, new openers enable you to open the door under any circumstances, which is a significant advantage.
    Battery backup
  4. Automatic reversal

    By law, all garage door openers sold in the USA after 1993 must be equipped with automatic backup systems.

    One is mechanical – if the door encounters resistance when moving, it will automatically reverse. The other is electric – it uses two small units, one on each side of the door. These sensors emit a light beam. If this beam breaks, the garage door won't close.
    Increasing energy bills
  5. Smart features

    New garage door openers offer Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity, allowing you to close or open your garage door from anywhere in the world. With the latest generation garage door opener, you can program the closing and opening times of the door.

    The system can also notify you when your garage door is open, no matter where you are. Such garage door openers are usually equipped with additional accessories, such as a time and temperature display and light controller.
    Smart features

Contact FixerJoe as soon as possible to find out how a garage door opener replacement can benefit you.

Garage Door Opener Replacement Process

Contractors at FixerJoe follow these simple steps to perform a garage door opener replacement:

  • The contractor will turn off the power to the garage. turn off the power to the garage
  • The old garage door opener will be unplugged, and the brackets that secure it to the ceiling will be loosened and lowered down. The old garage door opener will be unplugged
  • The professional will use an adjustable wrench to remove the brackets on and above the door. remove the brackets
  • Skilled handymen will attach the new bracket over the garage door with a screw gun. attach the new bracket
  • The track will be slid into the bracket and secured with a wrench. track will be slid into the bracket
  • The installer will screw the new motor into the bracket on the ceiling. Then, professionals will attach the lifting arm to the track. screw the new motor
  • The cable will be run through the conduit and connected to the garage door opener motor. cable will be run through the conduit
  • The contractor will install the sensors inside the garage about 6 inches from the floor. install the sensors
  • The motor will be plugged into an outlet, and the power will be turned on. power will be turned on

If you are looking for a skilled installer to complete your garage door opener service, contact FixerJoe. Our company is always ready to help you with your search.

Cost to Replace a Garage Door Opener

The average cost to replace a garage door opener is $525. Many factors play a role in the pricing, such as the type, size, and design of the garage door opener, horsepower requirements for your garage door, the cost of accessories, and labor costs in your area.

Garage door repair cost depends on:

Size of the door

Size of the door

Type of the door

The type

Materials you select


The price for a garage door opener varies between $150 to $500 depending on the type of the system.

Chain drive


Screw drive


Belt drive


There are three main types of garage door openers: chain drive, belt drive, screw drive, and direct drive. A chain drive garage door opener costs around $200, while a belt drive one is $305 on average.

The cost of a screw drive opener ranges between $200 and $500, and the price for a direct drive one is usually around $365.

Garage door openers range in power from 1/3 HP to 2 HP. Depending on the option you choose, the motor can cost from $120 to $500.

Accessories for garage door openers typically don’t cost a fortune. At the same time, they can help you customize the device so that it is perfect for your lifestyle. Battery backups cost about $100 each. Expect to spend around $28 on a garage door opener remote control. A garage door installer’s hourly rate ranges from $65 to $85. It usually takes two to six hours to replace a garage door opener.

If you want to know exactly how much your garage door replacement costs, call FixerJoe. Experts at our company will provide you with a free price estimate for the project.

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