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Average Sump Pump Installation Cost: $600-$1,700



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(Submersible sump pump installation)


Water is essential for survival. We need water for drinking, cooking, bathing, cleaning, and more. People have used plumbing since 2500 BC. It plays a major role in residential water accessibility.

Plumbing helps us with water sustainability and conservation. The pipes, fixtures, water mains, and faucets help streamline the system. Additionally, a good piping system separates clean water from harmful daily wastewater. The environmental, residential, and economical benefits are attainable with professional plumbing contractors.

FixerJoe is an experienced plumbing services provider. Our diligent plumbing contractors install, replace, and repair commercial and residential systems. Hence, our mission is to provide safe, convenient, and exceptional plumbing services across the region.

Tools of the trade

Our cutting-edge plumbers use a handful of tools for installation, repair, and replacement. You will see our plumbing contractors carrying their best equipment. Their tool kit includes:

  • Sink auger

A flexible stainless steel used to clear clogs in your sink or tub drain.

sink auger

  • Toilet or closet auger

A long metal rod used to clear clogs on toilets.

toilet or closet augerer

  • Flange plunger

Hydraulic pressures effectively dislodge bigger clogs on the toilet with a flange plunger.

flange plunger

  • Plumber’s tape

A thin white tape used to wrap on pipe and fittings with a leak.

plumber’s tape

  • Channel-type pliers

A special type of plier is used for adjusting grips on heavy steel pipes.

channel-type pliers

  • Pipe wrench

An adjustable pipe wrench is perfectly designed to grip pipes or other round objects with its teeth.

pipe wrench

  • Faucet valve-seat wrench

This is used in removing weary valve seats that can damage your faucets.

faucet valve-seat wrench

  • Faucet packing, rubber washers, and O-rings

This 3-in-1 kit is great for fixing leaky valves on your bath or kitchen sink.

faucet packing, rubber washers, and o-rings

  • Tubing cutter

We need to fix your copper pipes. Subsequently, we use a tubing cutter with a thin cutting wheel.

tubing cutter

We may use other special equipment depending on the plumbing services you need. Our well-maintained equipment matched with our premium skillset makes us the best plumbing contractors.

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Plumbing Services

If you are looking for certified plumbing services, FixerJoe can help. We provide the best solution for all your plumbing needs. As a matter of fact, here’s the list of what our team can do effectively for you:


Do you need a drain system for your new home? Or do you have some can’t-DIY-drain-issues?

We can help you with our drain installation, replacement, and repair services. Our trusted experts have the best drainage tools to provide a flood and wastewater-free homes.


Water Heaters

Choosing the best water heater for your bathrooms should not have to be overwhelming.

We are ready to help you pick the size and type of water heater. Whether you need an electric, tank, or tankless water heater, FixerJoe is here to help.

water heaters

Our professional plumbing contractors will help you find more energy and water-efficient water heaters. And our water heater services come at a very affordable price.

Faucets, Fixtures, and Pipes

Your modern kitchen and bathroom remodeling is never complete without faucets, fixtures, and pipes.

FixerJoe is your reliable hand to properly install these elements for your home. Likewise, any leaking or dripping faucets, fixtures, and pipes should never be left behind.


Let our team complete the most cost-effective and efficient repair. Save money and be stress-free with FixerJoe at your service.


Do you need water pumps or sump pumps for your basement or crawlspace?

Or are you looking forward to hiring the best emergency plumber for your pool pumps? You have come to the right place.


FixerJoe is your one-stop-shop for your pumps service needs. We can help you install the highest quality pumps in the best spots in your home. We can also repair and drain your flooded basement or bathtubs.

Septic Systems, Sewers, and Water Mains

Installation of a septic system for your new home can be a daunting task. However, it is a crucial part of your home.

You need professionals experienced and knowledgeable in septic systems, sewers, and water mains.

septic systems, severs, and water mains

FixerJoe provides streamlined work for the necessary systems of your home. Let our team install, inspect, and pump your septic tank. Enjoy a healthy and cleaner home with the help of the right plumbing professionals.

Water Softening and Purification

Most minerals are good for the human body system. But high levels of certain minerals in the water, also called hard water, can be harmful.

Hard water running through your pipes, water heaters, and ceramic tiles create scale deposits and build-up.

softening and purification

Let our team at FixerJoe complete water softening and purification for you. Maintain cleaner and safer water at home. FixerJoe cares about your health and your appliances.

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Plumbing Contractors

A dedicated plumber will answer all your questions and will fix the issue. We will come to your home with respect and little space invasion. On the other hand, you can rely on us for a professionally installed system.

FixerJoe is passionate about improving homes and lives. Our plumbing contractors are trained and experienced to deliver quality, effective, yet affordable plumbing services. You have the best team of plumbers here.

Contact us to get a free quote and schedule the services you need.

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