Faucets Installation

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Average Range: $250-$700



Average Cost




(Stainless steel faucet with a pull-down sprayer)

Faucets Installation

Do you want to upgrade your old outdated faucets? Or are you tired of leaky faucets even after several DIY repairs? Perhaps, you noticed that your water bill has gone up the last three months.

You need a reliable plumbing company for the faucets installation. A faucet is an important fixture for your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or garage. Faucets make our daily lives more convenient and efficient. Imagine note having them for tasks like bathing or washing the dishes.

If you are building a new home, you are not thinking about drawing water from a well in your backyard. Certainly, you want water flowing freely into your sink. However, you do not want to do this installation on your own.

Faucets installation requires skill and expertise. If you’re not a plumber yourself, call our professional team to help you install new faucet. FixerJoe is a local home improvement and plumbing company proud to serve the area.

We help homeowners with stress-free faucets installation. Our professional contractor provides exceptional and quality service. We also guarantee the most cost-effective service at a fraction of a faucet installation cost. Furthermore, we will install a new faucet for you without as little disturbance to your home.

faucet install

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Our plumbers are ready to help you from faucet selection to installation. We will help you pick the best type of faucet suited for your budget and lifestyle. You can choose from the different types of faucets such as:

Faucets may only be a small fixture at home, but they provide many benefits. Don’t compromise quality when it comes to faucets installation for your home. Hire a professional service to accurately complete your installation.

Call FixerJoe today, for licensed plumbers right here in town.

Fixtures Installation

  • Choosing the material

We will help you choose the material of your pipes depending on your budget and preferences.

  • Pipe installation

Our dedicated team will ensure a secure, accurate, and professional piping installation service for your home.

Call our team today to book your service.

Average Cost of Installation Faucets, Fixtures, Pipe

  • Faucet installation cost

The average faucet installation cost is about $253. Most homeowners usually spend between $160 to $360.

Remember, other factors can affect the price for faucets installation for your home. Consider the location of the sink, type of faucet, and the condition of the pipes. If you need a personalized faucet installation cost quotation, contact our team.

  • Fixture installation cost

The average cost for fixture installation is $650. You can pay between $450 and $1,800 for the work. This varies depending on the type of fixture.

  • Pipe Installation price

The national cost for installation of new pipes starts at $450. This price can go as high as $1,000 or more. Again, the exact amount for these services varies per case.

Contact us today to get your free installation estimate.

Our Projects- Faucets, Pipes, Fixture Installation

Faucets, fixtures, and pipes are all crucial for your plumbing system. Professionally licensed plumbers will complete a proper installation service for you. The work of experts will save you time and money.

Reliable and professional help is always within reach. FixerJoe has the proven skills, experience, and training. We specialize in pipes, fixtures, and faucets installation. Additionally, our exceptional services always guarantee customer satisfaction.

Look at our made to perfection pipes, fixtures, and faucets installation below. Do you want these for your home as well? We will be happy to service your home.

Contact our team to begin your new project.


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