Toilet Installation

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(Installation of American Standard one-piece toilet)

Toilet Installation

Home renovations for your bathroom were stalled. You realized that you had to replace your toilet. There was a specific timeline that you wanted to meet. Now you need to know how much time or money a toilet installation will be.

Now that you have decided to gut and change the entire bathroom, you must make decisions for your toilet installation. You have to work out the details and overcome the difficulties to get it right. For example, changing the original location of the toilet would lead to redirection of the piping.

This task is not as simple as it may look. The average DIYer may not know the important details of the installation technique. Experienced plumbers, on the contrary, are good at using spacers, avoiding leaking, and seating the toilet properly. They will install your toilet easily and correctly. Incorrect toilet installation can lead to flooding or an imbalanced toilet. Toilet installation is a tricky task if you’ve never done it before. To avoid the difficulties you should consider contacting a professional.

Feel free to contact the FixerJoe team for proper toilet installation. FixerJoe professionals have at least 5-year working experience and guarantee the job will be finished correctly and on time.

toilet service

Toilet Installation Cost

The toilet installation price ranges from $250 to $550 at an average cost of $400. However, the overall cost varies depending on the type of toilet, the job complexity, the quality of provided services and consumables, and even the location. For example, toilet installation in a basement would cost more than $1500. The higher price comes from installing a new plumbing system.

The cost of the toilet itself varies too – the price can range from $90 to $1500. It depends on the shape, height and smart features, as well as the design and brand. Popular toilet types include a dual flush toilet with an average cost of $350, a low-flow toilet with $510, and an upflush one with $950.

Macerating Toilet

Macerating Toilet



Gravity-Fed Toilet

Gravity-Fed Toilet



Waterless Toilet

Waterless Toilet



Vented Toilet

Vented Toilet







The installation price includes the cost of consumables, such as flanges and wax rings. The most common flanges are made of stainless steel, PVC, copper, brass, or cast iron. The cheapest flange costs around $5, the most expensive is around $75. You should expect the flange installation price no less than $100. The average cost of a wax ring is $5, and the price for labor is around $130. The actual price will depend on the location, conditions, and job size.

The quote for the professional services would be around $100 per hour. The toilet installation takes approximately 2 to 4 hours. However, during the process, many unexpected issues may emerge. Those additional costs may increase the price to $800 or even higher. The price can go up if you want to install your toilet on the second floor. Because the toilets are heavy, plumbers may charge from $50 to $200 for carrying them upstairs. The cost for services depends on the condition of piping and plumbing as well.

To calculate the overall cost precisely, you should contact a plumber at FixerJoe. The professional would provide an evaluation of your plumbing and piping. A qualified team member would walk you through the costs of redirecting, updating and fixing issues connected to the toilet installation and beyond.

Decisions and evaluations must be completed prior to starting your toilet installation.

  • Location: Where do you want the toilet? Would it suit your bathroom interior there? Would the placement be convenient?
  • Equipment: The installation can’t go without:
  • Flanges: The toilet is connected to the floor with a pipe fitting – a flange. It connects the outflow pipe to the toilet and the toilet to the floor.
  • Wax rings: They seal the toilet and prevent leaks. The wax ring is the weakest element involved in the installation, so it is important to use the undamaged one.
  • Tools: You will need a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a cordless drill, a level, a caulk gun, the pliers, a tape measure, a utility knife, and the pliers.
  • Piping: Make sure that your piping is intact and has the correct placement.

Toilet Installation Process

  1. The FixerJoe plumber will make sure that the hole in the floor is big enough to place a flange in it.
    A flange
  2. The water supply valve will be shut off.
    The water supply valve
  3. A skilled team will press the toilet flange down into the drain opening, using the T-bolts as reference points for positioning.
    Flange in
  4. A professional will secure the flange to the floor with screws.
  5. The bolts will be inserted into the flange collar's slots. The washers will be put over them.
  6. A certified plumber will press the wax ring over the flange.
    Wax ring over the flange
  7. The FixerJoe craftsmen will lift the toilet bowl, align the holes in its base with the bolts, and put the base onto the ring. Lift the toilet bowl
  8. The washers and nuts will be placed on the bolts and tightened. Tightening the bolts
  9. Using the hacksaw, a trained plumber will trim off the excess bolt and snap the plastic bolt covers. Hacksaw
  10. The tank-to-bowl gasket will be installed. Tank-to-bowl gasket
  11. A professional team will fit the small-diameter rubber tank washers into the tank holes from the inside of the tank, then insert the tank bolts.
    Rubber tank washers
  12. You will have your tank bolts aligned with the holes in the toilet bowl and your tank lowered into position. It will be secured by tightening the bolts. Tank lowered into position
  13. A verified plumber will make sure the tank is level.
    Tank level
  14. The tank's handle will be connected to the flapper chain. Flapper chain
  15. You will have your water supply line reattached. Supply line
  16. The FixerJoe team will place the seat over the toilet bowl, insert the plastic bolts through its back and the bowl's seat holes, and hand-tighten the nuts.
    Plastic bolts
  17. The supply line will be turned on, the stop valve opened, and the tank filled.
    Supply line turned on
  18. A skilled plumber will check your toilet for leaks. Caulk around the base
  19. The team will clean up the area and use caulk around the base to seal. Clean up

Toilet Replacement

Your toilet has been making awful sounds for a while now. You tried to find the breakage and fix it, but you haven’t succeeded. If you don’t have to imagine the situation, it is time for you to replace your toilet.

Are you still not sure about replacing it? All you have to do is ask the professional staff at FixerJoe to confirm whether or not you need a replacement.The professional staff at FixerJoe provided some excellent feedback. The team confirmed that that you needed to have a replacement.

Toilets usually are durable. They typically last 15 – 20 years if maintained well. However, sooner or later you will want to replace your toilet because it is old, water-wasting, technologically backward, cracked, broken or doesn’t fit in your interior after the renovation.

After 10 years of usage, heavy lime deposits build up in the toilet, causing slow flushing and clogging. The seals can crack and begin to leak as well. Replacing a toilet is an unpleasant task because it involves manual labor.

replacement toilet

When it comes to sanitary hardware, you can rely on the professional services at FixerJoe. FixerJoe is your all-in-one solution for bathroom remodelling, shower repairs, and toilet installation. Call FixerJoe today to have the cost estimated.


Decisions And Things To Take Prior The Toilet Replacement.

  1. Location:Where do you want your new toilet to be? Would it be in the same spot? Or would you like to change the placement? Wax ring measurments
  2. With a change of place, the piping would have to be moved.You would have to purchase new flanges and seal the old area off. Pipes
  3. Wax Ring: Is the wax ring still intact?Typically, you will need a new one to put on the bottom of the toilet.
    Wax Ring
  4. The piping: Is the piping still intact? Does it have the correct placement? Pipes placement
  5. Prior to remodeling, renovating or replacement, ensure that have appropriate measurements and tools. Pipes and tools
  6. Measurements and tools:Measure the distance from the wall to the floor bolts of the toilet. It should be 12 inches for you to have a standard size toilet. Usually, all the tools you need for the replacement are a screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a level, a putty knife, and a hacksaw
    Wax ring over the flange

Once you are ready to install the toilet, follow the steps listed below – they are not too difficult, but you should complete them carefully. FixerJoe takes great pride in doing a job efficiently and qualitatively when it comes to toilet replacement.


Toilet Replacement: Preparation

  1. A professional will shut off the water supply valve. Wax ring measurments
  2. You will have your toilet flushed to get as much water out as possible.Pipes
  3. A plumber will take the cover off the tank and remove the remaining water from the toilet bowl, using a sponge or a rag to absorb it. Pipes
  4. The FixerJoe team will disconnect the supply line and the flapper chain. A team member will put a bucket under the toilet bowl for the excess water to drain. Pipes placement

Toilet Replacement Process

  1. A plumber will unscrew the tank bolts, take the tank off the back of the toilet and place it on a towel. Tank bolts
  2. The nuts will be unscrewed on the base of the toilet bowl. Screws on base of the toilet
  3. You will have your bowl rocked back and forth and the toilet lifted out of the bathroom. Lifted bowl out of the platform
  4. To release the wax ring, FixerJoe professionals will rock it back and forth and clean the floor around the hole after doing it.A rag will be placed in the hole to protect your house from the released sewage gas. Wax ring removal
  5. A skilled team will find out if the flanges or mounting bolts need replacement. The team members will measure the size of the flange and make sure it corresponds with the size of the new toilet bottom. Pipes placement
  6. A new wax ring will be installed on the base of the toilet. New wax ring
  7. An experienced installer will lift your new toilet bowl and place it over the flange, lower the bowl until the bolts pop through and gently rock it until it sinks into the wax ring. The craftsman will make sure that the toilet bowl is level. Place new bowl
  8. The connection ring will be placed under the tank, and the rubber washers will be slid through the tank holes. A skilled plumber will tighten the rubber washers and nuts with a wrench. Tank installation
  9. A professional will install the flush handle, the tank ball, and the float ball. Flush handle installation
  10. The water supply will be reconnected. Water supply reconnection
  11. A certified plumber will seal the base with a sealant. Sealant
  12. The FixerJoe team will open the water-supply valve. The team member will flush to make sure there are no leaks around pipes, gaskets or connections. Flush
  13. The area will be cleaned up. Clean up

If this is more than you would like to take on as a DIY, call FixerJoe. FixerJoe professionals are ready to provide you with a working toilet in your home at all times.


The toilet installation price varies from $250 to $550 with the average cost at $400. However, the overall cost depends on the type of toilet, the complexity of the job, the location, and the quality of provided services and consumables.

On average, the lifespan of a toilet is 10 – 15 years. Quality toilets can last up to 50 years with proper care and maintenance.

You need to replace your toilet if it is constantly clogging or wobbling. You should consider the replacement if it is cracked or old, has surface damage or mineral deposits. If your water bills are too high because of the toilet and it needs repairs all the time, you might need a replacement as well.

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FixerJoe has professional installers standing by to perform every step with precision. Our team will help you find a certified and experienced plumber who will do the perfect job for you.

We have completed various projects in homes all across the region. Our team takes great pride in our toilet installation, replacement, and repair services.

We are trained and ready to help you complete a toilet installation or repair. You can find some of our past projects below. Our many satisfied customers have a lot to say about our work.

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