Faucet Repair

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Faucet Repair

Envision going to your yard and sending a bucket down into the well. That used to be the way of everyday life. Fortunately, faucets were invented to make our lives easier and more convenient. Nowadays, you don’t have to get pails of water from the well to wash the dishes.

Faucets are easily accessible in our kitchen or bathroom sink. However, a broken faucet causes inconvenience and slows down life considerably. You need an emergency plumbing service to do a swift faucet repair.

FixerJoe is your certified, professional, and affordable plumber in town. Our plumbing contractor has years of experience with broken or leaky faucet repair. We will bring back the efficiency and convenience you need for your water outlet.

We will come to your location to troubleshoot your faucets with our plumbing kit. A respective friendly plumber will do the necessary work with expertise and diligence. Our faucet repair services guarantee customer satisfaction with very minimal disturbances while in your home.
Call us today for fast and reliable faucet repair.

faucet repair

Pipe Repair

Pipes in your home are needed for the water supply in your bath and kitchen. Likewise, a gas line for your HVAC units at home needs pipes to work properly. Pipes also come in various materials such as PVC, steel, PAX, and copper.

But if your pipe is leaky, you need an immediate pipe repair. When you can’t handle a detailed piping system repair, ask the experts. FixerJoe can help you with pipe repair. Our reliable team of professionals are at your service.

We are trained, licensed, and experienced in all home repairs, including leaky pipes. Our simple process for pipe repair can save you from stress and danger.

Here’s what we can do for your leaky pipes:

Identify the leaks

Catastrophic PVC, PAX, or steel pipes bursts happen. We will identify whether you have pipe leaks from rusty metal pipes or a hole in plastic pipes.

Pipe Repair

If you have leaks from PVC or PAX pipes, we can repair with waterproof rubber tape. Otherwise, our team will replace other parts of the pipe that are rotten or broken.

Maintenance tips

FixerJoe is a team of experts that love providing value. After our successful repair, we will share our best tips to take care of your pipes.

faucet repair

Average Cost of Faucets and Pipe Repair

The average faucet repair cost is about $120. Most homeowners usually spend between $65 to $200. While the national cost for pipe repair ranges from $450 and $1,000 or more. Keep in mind that the exact price for these services varies per case. The materials, types of faucets and pipes, and duration for repair can also affect the service price.

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Faucets and Pipes Repair

Faucets and pipes are all essential fixtures for your home. They add convenience and comfort to our daily lives. But if leaky faucets and pipes are bothering you, call FixerJoe.

FixerJoe is the perfect solution for all of your plumbing repairs needs. Call us today for streamlined faucet repair and pipe repair.


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