Water and Sewer Mains

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Water and Sewer Mains

Homeowners know that modern plumbing systems at home make water usage trouble-free. When you need clean water for cooking or drinking, you turn on the faucets. And to get rid of wastewater, you use drains and pumps.

Main water and sewer lines are vital for your plumbing system. They are the core of water supplies and removal. When you face issues with these systems, it interrupts your daily life. You need a professional that can come quickly.

Understanding how a water and sewer main works can help you to prevent some problems. Let’s take a look at what these systems do in your home.

sewer and water mains

What is Water Main

We use water mains for a clean water supply. Water from faucets and showers comes from the water main. Our municipal main supplies water to our residential water mains that we use daily.

A residential water main is usually found near the street. Additionally, it provides a direct line to your house.

What is Water Main

What is Sewer Main

On the other hand, we use sewer mains to remove household wastewater. A sewer line is the link between your sink drain to the main sewer drain. Lines are sloped downward to help wastewater flow away from your home. Residential sewers are connected to the city sewage system.
Water and sewer mains are two different things that manage water.

When well-maintained, both water and sewer ensure you avoid inconveniences. If you are building a new home, talk to the experts in waterline and sewer line.

Save yourself from future health issues and expenses. A professional plumbing company, like FixerJoe, can help you with water and sewer installation and repair. FixerJoe is your reliable and affordable local plumber.

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sewer main

Water and Sewer Mains Installation

FixerJoe is the local expert for sewer and water main installation. Our professional team will provide streamlined and comprehensive water and sewer lines installation.Water and sewer mains are two different things that manage water.


Water Main Installation Process

  • Estimation

    For every installation project we do, we ensure that our customers understand the whole process.

    The first step is to provide an estimate for your water main installation after we visit your location.
  • Make a tunnel

    Next, our contractor will locate the city water main to determine where we will connect the waterline.

    We make a small tunnel to connect two holes in two locations inside your property.
Make a tunnel
  • Connect the pipes

    Third, we connect your residential pipework to the city’s water pipeline.

    Your new control valve for the waterline is connected to your residential plumbing system.
Connect the pipes
  • Cleaning up

    Lastly, our dedicated plumber will test run your new water main.

    Once completed, the roadway and sidewalk are returned to original state. We will ensure to fill the holes we make and clean up the area.
Cleaning up

Sewer Main Installation

  • Determine the elevation level

    We will determine how long your sewer pipes should be to reach the city’s main sewer.

    Additionally, FixerJoe uses the best surveying and laser level equipment for accurate measurements. We will also calculate the slope of the elevation.
  • Dig the trench and lay down the bedding

    Our meticulous experts will dig the trench and lay down the bedding carefully without soil disturbance.

    We are trained for the customer’s peace of mind and safety. These complicated tasks are well managed by our highly skilled contractors.
  • Install the sewer main pipes

    Installing sewer pipes requires patience and accuracy.

    All pipes are connected to avoid leaks and sewer line failure.
sewer main pipes
  • Backfill the trench

    We don’t just leave the trenches open.

    Our team will also begin the backfilling, usually with sand, to complete the sewer lateral.
backfill the trench
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Water and Sewer Mains Repair

Water and sewer main repair is not a DIY task. Our team helps you remove the unexpected complications with your water and sewer system.


Water Main Repair

  • Locate the leaks or faults

    The sound of running water on the ground means you have leaky water line pipes.

    Our team will locate the exact location of leaks to do the repair or replacement of pipes.
Locate the leaks or faults
  • Water main repair

    We will dig the area where the leaks start and complete the repair needed.

    If there are parts that need replacement, our team will assist.
Water main repair
  • Clean up

    We will remove all debris and equipment used in the water main repair.

    We will leave your property tidier than we found it.
clean up repair
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Sewer Main Repair

  • Identify the problem

    There are many reasons why your sewer line becomes faulty.

    The roots of trees, clogged pipes, or extreme temperature can damage the sewer pipes. We initially find out the cause of leaks to evaluate the best way to repair.
identify the problem
  • Sewer main repair

    The extent of sewer main damages also requires the use of different equipment.

    Our skilled staff uses several types of equipment and tools for successful sewer main repair. Our plumbing contractors will use the best practices to ensure the safety of the project.
sewer main repair
  • Clean up

    We will pack away all debris and all equipment that we used for repairing sewer lines.

    We will leave your pipes clean and functioning again.
Clean up

Call FixerJoe today, the best water and sewer main servicer in town.

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Water and sewer lines are essential to your plumbing system. However, water and sewer main installation and repair can be the trickiest plumbing task. It requires detailed planning, precision, and skill.

We have also explored different types of water and sewer repairs over those years. Our most cost-effective plumbing services have satisfied many customers in the region. Take a look at some of our past projects.

You can benefit from our water and sewer services at a reasonable price. Contact us today to get your free price quote.

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