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The kitchen is the heart of any home. Daily life, from connecting and cooking as a family to entertaining happens there. Enjoy creating an environment that reflects your personal style, enriches your life, and enhances your home’s value.
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Kitchen remodeling and design
A good kitchen renovation can add thousands to the value of your home and make you feel like you’re living in an interior design magazine. It’s the heart of the home; the room where all the family gets together and the ideal place to socialise. But with so much to consider, where do you start? We take a look at all you need to know.
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Kitchen plumbing
The kitchen is central to any home, but they also tend to be the center of plumbing issues. Whether it is the sink and faucets or garbage disposals, the kitchen is full of plumbing fixtures. Fixer Joe offers fast and reliable kitchen fixture repair. A dishwasher or a kitchen faucet is part of everyone’s day to day life. Problems with these things can gravely affect your everyday life. This is where Fixer Joe jumps in and gives you fast and efficient kitchen fixture repair services.

All about kitchen remodel

There is no denying that kitchen is the heart of every home. The whole family gathers here for breakfast and dinner, family matters discussed, and guests of the house are always welcomed here. The convenience of your dining area largely depends on the plan of your room, as well as the placement of key units.

It is clear that the appearance of your kitchen does matter, it should look as attractive and stylish as possible. It is rather difficult to achieve such an effect on your own, since for your renovations, you should take all the below-listed aspects into account:

  • placement of sockets for household appliances;
  • requirements for suitable places for connecting plumbing;
  • personal preferences of the owners and other family members.

The kitchen is considered one of the most challenging spaces for remodeling. There are many factors involved in finalizing the plan of the kitchen. Cooking or eating will be inconvenient for the entire family if designers or contractors misplace table and chairs.

That’s why you should entrust the renovation of your kitchen area to professionals who are good at what they do. Experts will help you develop a plan of your premises that combines functionality and comfort. Plumbing and other elements will cease to be the center of your interior, and you will get a totally new and stylish design.

What does kitchen renovation look like?

Homeowners who have decided to bring new life into their old kitchen should understand that they will have to give up using this popular area for a while. All repairs and remodeling can take up to a month, so it is worth considering other options available for cooking.

To upgrade the appearance and increase the cost of your house, you should consider being very thorough with every little thing, including taps and other plumbing fixtures. Usually, a lack of experience in kitchen design and remodeling affects the functionality and appearance issues. That is why we recommend using the services of a designer who will help you to find suitable options and make your wishes come true while creating a functional environment for cooking and enjoying your meal.

The process of renovation isn’t simple, and it’s not just that you need to stop using your kitchen. It is possible to get a high-quality result provided that all participants in the process work well, including the designer and contractors.

These tips will allow you to meet the deadlines and enjoy a great result:

  • you should always start with choosing a design of your new kitchen;
  • appliances, cabinets, and plumbing must meet the owners’ requirements;
  • you need to choose suitable models of dishwashers and other appliances before starting renovations;
  • selection of flooring and countertop materials will allow you to think over the combination;
  • preparatory work should be started only after making decisions on the Appliances and Cabinets.

You should adhere to the given algorithm so that you can place everything you need for life in a compact and beautiful way during your renovation. The design development for the kitchen remodel near you will be carried out based on your purchases or pre-orders of appliances and electrical appliances.

The right choice will not only allow you to enjoy the final result, but also can increase the value of your home. It’s a great advantage for those who are planning to resell their houuse in future. Careful attention to every detail is the key to your success.

Types of kitchens and how you can choose them

Renovating your kitchen requires patience and a clear understanding of your wishes. Owners should also take into account the characteristics of their working area and use this characteristic in their plans. Depending on the available area, there are several main planning options:

  1. Walk-through kitchen.
    The kitchen area looks like two walls facing each other. This layout option is often found in houses with a small living space. To save space, you should focus on the option of placing two countertops on different sides and using them for cooking.
  2. L-shape.
    This layout is also considered common. It will not be difficult to recognize it, since only this shape has walls adjoining at one point. Typically, the countertop length is different, and they form an L-shape. It is possible to save space by choosing built-in appliances and searching for spacious cabinets.
  3. U-shape.
    Happy owners of such kitchens can boast of having a lot of free space, which allows them to use this area not only for cooking, but for family gatherings as well. Often, owners choose island furniture options. The shape makes the most of the available space.
  4. Island.
    This option is suitable for large kitchens, since the created island takes up useful space. It is used when several people cook, and is also supplemented with built-in appliances and a sink or stove. You can choose this option if your kitchen area is large enough.

Your free space is optimized depending on your chosen shape. Designers in your area suggest using a variety of built-in cabinets, as well as installing appliances under the countertop. This solution saves usable space and creates a comfortable environment in your new kitchen.

Cost of work

It will be possible to determine the final kitchen renovation cost only after a detailed consideration of the owners’ wishes. As a rule, work on the arrangement of the kitchen area costs $10,000 - $25,000 on average. This price does not imply a complete reconstruction of the area, but only a partial replacement.

There are several renovation options that companies with kitchen contractors near you offer. Common ones include:

  1. Basic update.
    Repairers partially replace your cabinets (they paint doors and change fittings) and the countertop. Remodeling can also include adding new pull-out shelves and re-painting the walls. In this case, the cost of work will total $5,000$10,000.
  2. Average level of modernization.
    Replacement of the countertops, repair of the cabinets, installation of a new sink, floor and hobs are included in the list of offered services. It is also worth adding installation of built-in appliances to this list. The renovation will cost the owners $10,000 - $25,000 on average. The final price depends on your wishes.
  3. Overhaul.
    Contractors carry out a full range of renovations, including a new lighting system, complete replacement of countertops and purchasing built-in appliances. In this case, the average kitchen remodel cost is about $25,000 - $50,000.

You should determine your budget and wish list before starting the demolition of the walls. This will save your time, and you won’t overpay for unnecessary services. Responsible contractors will listen carefully to your wishes and help you find a suitable option.

Kitchen countertops attract the most attention from visitors and housemates. The choice of materials is varied; each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. It is quite difficult to choose a certain type of design because you have to take the total cost of the work into account.

The weight of the countertop also affects the installation method. It is unlikely that you will be able to install a heavy stone on your own, but kitchen contractors can come to your rescue. They can carry out installation without problems, and you will like their high-quality work. Before starting the repair you are wishing for, you should study the characteristics of the materials that are used to make countertops:

  1. Granite.
    Countertops made of this material are popular due to their durability and heat resistance. Surface scratches are extremely rare, which motivates owners to install such structures. Their disadvantages include the need to reseal them every month for a year and a half.
  2. Concrete.
    The material wins over its “colleagues” due to its simple adjustment to any shape. Worktops made of special concrete will last much longer than other materials. But the installation and purchase of such elements will cost several times more, which can repel you from purchasing them.
  3. Quartz.
    The advantages of this material include easy cleaning, no need to repeat sealing, and resistance to dirt. The surface will look stylish and beautiful, provided that you avoid high temperatures. It is forbidden to put hot pots on quartz.

Some types of countertops aren’t popular because of options with a matte surface. To purchase and install new structures, you should think about conditions they will be used in. Carefree attitude towards the element can be the beginning of the end.

A worktop it the last thing to install. Installers determine the correct location and appropriate dimensions for each element. Correct installation depends on the correct measurement of the cabinets. The installation of countertops should not be started until they are fixed.

To facilitate the work, the devices are chosen at the very beginning of reconstruction planning. This will make it possible to determine the final placement and eliminate the need to adjust the choice of equipment to the available dimensions. In fact, the preparation for the repair begins with determining all your wishes and the selection of the appropriate elements.

The installation of new equipment is carried out after installing countertops and resolving issues related to other key elements. Repairmen choose the sequence of operations at their discretion, but most often, they adhere to a common plan:

  • delivery of equipment to your house and placement according to the owners’ wishes;
  • DIY connection of devices to the power grid or with the help of electricians;
  • testing if the work is performed correctly.

By concluding a contract, you will be able not to worry about connecting everything yourself. As a rule, the contract includes this clause, and the contractors complete work at facilities with success. Feel free to ask the installers questions and stop worrying about this.

The cost of services is specified in the contract. As for the prices for household appliances, it depends on your wishes and available budget. A preliminary assessment of all work will make it possible to understand which of the listed services should be removed or vice versa, included in your list.



The installation of kitchen cabinets requires certain knowledge, skills, and abilities. The best idea is to abandon the thought to install them for yourself, since there is a great risk of getting something completely different from what was originally intended. The installation of countertops is carried out after the base cabinets, and the repairmen’s work depend on the installed cabinets.

To make the final version meet the customers’ requirements, kitchen remodel contractors perform several dozen measurements. Procedure compliance is a mandatory requirement that should not be neglected. The installation of basic kitchen cabinets must meet a few key points.

Additionally, the fasteners’ reliability is checked, because no one wants to put their dishes away and find out that the work was of poor quality. To do this, specialists perform a series of actions and make sure that the installation procedure has been performed correctly.

The level of the installed cabinets requires checking too. A skew to either side will bring problems and complicate the use of the structure. Those who do not try installing them for themselves and entrust this task to professionals won’t have such problems.

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