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Average Range: $6,500-$9,000



Average Cost




(10 vinyl 8 double-hung windows installation)

Window Replacement

Light pours through the window on a beautiful spring day. You sit in your bay window with your favorite novel. When you were looking for this window style, there were so many other options. Windows comes in many styles, materials, and even colors. They provide energy efficiency, noise reduction, and curb appeal to your home.

Windows are meant to last for decades. But nothing lasts forever. Even the highest quality of windows may deteriorate earlier than expected. Glass windows may experience major cracks and leaks. Your wooden window frames may begin rotting. You need emergency window replacement service.

When it’s time to replace your existing windows, contact our professional contractors. You will save yourself from more expenses in the future if you let a professional replace your windows.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Call an Expert for Window Replacement:

  • Increase Energy Efficiency at Home

    You can maximize your thermal or cooling indoor air with a quality window replacement. Likewise, you can save up to 12% of your monthly energy bills if your windows don’t leak.

  • Eliminate Major Damages and Rots

    You can’t get rid of the major damages and rot on your window with a repair. You need to totally eliminate those damages. It’s time for a complete window replacement service.

  • Improve Your Window Operation

    Your window should provide sufficient fresh air from outdoors. But stuck or damaged window panes will interfere with proper window operation. Get those windows repaired so you can let in a fresh breeze.

  • Remodel Your Home

    Replace out dated and dreary windows when you’re remodeling the house. A brand-new window replacement can make your home brighter and more beautiful.

  • Increase Value of Your Home

    Do you look forward to selling your house in the next 2 years? Or do you just want to invest in new windows for your cozy home? A window replacement can more value to your home.

FixerJoe is your professional, skilled, and insured window replacement service provider. Our specialty is replacing rotten, broken, or damaged windows and frames. We help increase the value of your home by up to 15%. Walk through every step of the process from consultation to replacement with our team members.

Call us today to learn more about our window replacement service.

Window Installation

Do you need a reliable window installation contractor for your new home? Or are you looking for help in installing a window wall in your living room? Perhaps, you’ve already looked at your options for contractors. You are mainly searching for a team that best fits for your budget.

You did not stumble on our page on accident. We are here to become your new home improvement company. FixerJoe is a trusted, professional, and licensed company for window installation or replacement. Achieve your ideal windows with our help.

Be creative when it comes to installing a window. An insight from a professional window installation contractor can also be a big help.

We will provide the best options for window type and material based on your lifestyle and budget.

Eight Common Types of Residential Window

  • Awning Window

    Awnings are best installed above doors or other larger windows.

    These allow for better ventilation.

  • Casement Window

    Casements have large glass panes for better lighting and energy efficiency.

    These enhance the exterior.

  • Picture Window

    Picture windows are best for rooms where you can relax.

    Experience a panoramic view of the outdoors.

  • Single-Hung Window

    If you have a smaller space, a single hung window can still provide ample airflow indoors.

  • Double-Hung Window

    If you want an easy maintenance window installation, go for a double-hung window.

    These can have two movable sashes.

  • Slider Window

    Slider windows are commonly used in the basement and bedrooms for easy operation and more ventilation.

  • Jalousie Window

    Jalousie provides optimum airflow indoors. This type is more affordable than other styles.

  • Bay Window

    Bay windows are curved windows where you can put indoor plants. These are usually installed in kitchens and family rooms.

    They create a refreshing ambiance.

Have you decided which type of window you want to install in your home? FixerJoe will be happy to assist you with a seamless window installation.

Window Replacement and Window Installation Cost

The price for window replacement and window installation varies per type and material. The quantity and sizes of windows should also be considered in the price. Window replacement cost ranges from $550 to $1,000. Most people spend around $650 for window replacement cost, including the installation.

On the other hand, a single-window installation cost could be $300 to $1,200. Most window installation contractors charge between $150 to $800 per window. And window installation labor is generally $40 per hour.

Pricing for Window Materials

  • Wood Windows - This classic type of window cost between $310 to $3,000.
  • Aluminum Windows - Aluminum windows vary from $150 to $1,685.
  • Metal Windows - Steel or metal windows are cheaper options. These materials range from $100 to $1300 per unit.
  • Fiberglass Windows - Fiberglass windows are durable window options ranging from $295 to $2,300. These could be single or double-hung units.
  • Vinyl Windows - Vinyl windows are the most popular type of window. The average price for single or double-hung, and casement vinyl windows is $550. While beautiful bay vinyl windows range from $990 – $3,300.

Our Projects
Window Installation and Replacement

Install new windows in your home and receive the health and financial benefits. Save money with a reliable and professional window replacement and installation company.

An expert contractor will fully explain the investment you are making with your new windows.

FixerJoe is your solution when it comes to highly-skilled and affordable window replacement. We have the best tools and experience to achieve the quality window installation you want.

Our team has delivered, replaced, and installed over thousands windows and counting. Look through some of our recent projects below. Do any of these samples grab your attention? Or do you have other beautiful ideas in mind? Call us today and let’s discuss your next window replacement and window installation project.


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