Furnace and Central Heating

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Furnace and Central Heating

Highly efficient furnaces use 98% of the energy that they consume. However, a broken furnace will be very costly to your monthly utility bill. When you notice a decline, You must have quality and reliable furnace repair services.

The winter’s bitter cold can make you feel lazy all day long. You may just want to stay bundled up in your bed the whole day. Your home furnace functioning at full capacity can bring the warm and comfortable. This feeling will make you want to jump out of bed and start your day.

A furnace is one of the components of the “H” in the HVAC system. Thanks to the technology revolution, furnaces effectively and efficiently heat full homes. This forced-air heating system works when you set the thermostat to activate the furnace. A fan in your furnace will then circulate to spread the warm air around your home. The process of heat transfer depends on the type of furnace.

Furnace and Central Heating

Types of Furnaces

Furnaces use 4 types of energy to produce heat, these are:

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  • Natural gas

    The most common type of a home furnace works with natural gas. They are highly economical and the cheapest form of furnace fuel. The natural gas furnace works by igniting the jets to create hot combustion gas. This raises the temperature of the air through your central heating at home.

Furnace and Central Heating

  • Oil

    Oil furnaces are one of the cheapest types of units. Oil furnaces are used for heating water or indoor air to produce pressurized oil mist. They are the most commonly used in a cold environment in the Northeastern United States.

Furnace and Central Heating

  • Propane

    Propane has become a substitute for fuel furnaces when oil and natural gas aren’t available. They provide excellent and consistent heat with your central heating system even in the coldest of months.

Furnace and Central Heating

  • Electric

    If you are looking for the cheapest furnace, go with an electric furnace. They use about half of the natural gas and they can last up to 10 years. However, take note that this can cost you a higher monthly energy bill.

    Are you confused about which furnace or central heating to choose? Fixerjoe can help you select, install, or repair your furnaces. Call us for a free estimate.

Furnace and Central Heating

Furnace and Central Heating Installation and Replacement

Fixerjoe is a team of professional HVAC contractors, technicians, and engineers. We serve (place) and surrounding areas 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Do you need to install a furnace in your new home? Or do you just need to replace your existing furnace? Our fast and efficient contractor will bring warmth and comfort back to your home.

Contact us today if you have more questions about furnace installation cost. Fixerjoe looks forward to serving you.

Furnace and Central Heating
Furnace and Central Heating

Furnace Installation Process

  • Choose a system
    If you haven't decided which type or furnace system to use, Fixerjoe can help. We provide recommendations that are best suited for your budget, space, and fuel accessibility.
  • Prepare the ductwork and central heating
    It’s important to clean your ductwork to maximize furnace efficiency. We can help you ensure that your ductwork is dust and debris-free.
  • Install the Furnace
    We will carefully and professionally install your new furnace. Fixerjoe always ensures streamlined furnace installation.
  • Linking the Furnace
    We will connect your furnace to your central heating system or ductwork. After that, we will link the furnace to the power supply (gas, propane, electric, oil).
  • Test your newly installed furnace
    To ensure that your furnace is working, our professional furnace contractor will test your furnace. Do not attempt to test it alone. You may not be prepared to respond to issues or possible damages that could arise.

Let the expert handle your furnace installation. Call us for a free quote and start the process for a more efficient unit for your home.

Furnace and Central Heating

Furnace Replacement Process

If your furnace has worked hard for 10 years, it’s time to consider a replacement. Fixerjoe will help you with your furnace replacement. Our streamlined furnace replacement process will bring back the comfort you deserve.

Our team will work with you to select a new furnace, remove your old furnace and install the new one. We are the professional furnace contractor that you can rely on. When it’s time for a furnace upgrade, call Fixerjoe.

Furnace and Central Heating

Furnace and Central Heating Repair and Service

The cold winter night might have your teeth chattering through the night. A functioning furnace and central heating to keep your whole house warm. However, when your furnace suddenly loses its heat, you need furnace repair and service.

Fixerjoe will come quickly and well equipped. Our furnace repair and service are the fastest way to fix any issues with your furnace. Call us for an emergency furnace and central heating repair and service in (place) or the surrounding area.

Furnace and Central Heating

Furnace Repair and Furnace Service Process

  • Inspect your furnace
    We will come to your home to ensure your furnace is working properly. We will test your furnace safely and securely. Where there are issues, our professional technicians are highly knowledgeable to provide full explanation..
  • Identify the Problem
    We will identify whether you need a furnace repair or if it’s time for furnace replacement. If your furnace has dirty filters, you may simply need general furnace maintenance. But a frequently cycling, too noisy, or weary and teary furnace needs repair.
  • Complete repair or service
    If your furnace and central heating lack maintenance, we will be happy to do them for you. Likewise, if your furnace needs immediate repair, our team will attend to you quickly. Our contractors will provide a full quality furnace repair.

Furnace and Central Heating

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Our reputable furnace contractors are the most reliable solution for all your furnace service needs. Many customers in (place) have had furnace repair, installation, replacement, and service completed by Fixerjoe. We take pride in each of our projects.

Do you need quality, fast, and efficient furnace service? Call Fixerjoe any time of the day to stay comfortable and warm at home.

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