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Roof Repair

It doesn`t matter what kind of issues your roof has. Our skilled experts will guarantee safe and effective roof repair. You don`t have to live in uncomfortable conditions or danger your health because of problems with your roof. We can immediately do all repairs that work for you.

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Roof Replacement

Whether your roof is leaking, damaged or you are just tired of the look of it, we can help you. Roof replacement is the most beneficial when you want to be sure that all the issues about your existing roof are resolved. While replacing your roof you can also change your home`s exterior, feel safe and stay in comfort. We know that you care about appearance, so you will choose the material and color of your new roof by yourself with the help of our specialist. Once the decision is made, our contactors will remove your existing roof and install a new one.

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Roof Installation

Building a new house is a very responsible task, roof installation is perhaps one of the most responsible parts of it. Due to the wrong installation problems such as leaks or damages can occur in the future. Our contractors guarantee installation quality while adjusting the cost to your budget.

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Roofing Contractors

Your roof is meant to protect the people and possessions inside your residential or commercial building. Roofing projects that are done well can last 20-50 years. However, just like anything else, your roof needs regular care to ensure that it functions as intended.

The complicated task of repairing or installing roofs should always be done by pro roofing contractors. Here at fixerjoe, our professional roofing services can help you ensure that your roof lasts for many years. When it’s time for repairs and replacement, our contractors are ready to handle any roofing projects.

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The Most Popular Roof Types

There are many different roof types. Our roofing contractors can help you determine the roof type that you currently have or the best one to use for your new roof install. Roofing services are available from our team for any of the styles listed below.

  • Gable Roof
    A gable roof is the simplest and most popular roof style. It is triangle in shape and is also referred to as a cheese wedge roof.
  • Gambrel Roof
    A gambrel roof looks like the classic roof of a barn on a farm. They have one steep and one gentle slope siding that creates plenty of space for an attic.
  • Hip Roof
    The hip roof has 4 slopes that meet to form a ridge. This is commonly used in classic homes from around the world. A hip roof can make the overall exterior appear bigger.
  • Mansard Roof
    The Louvre Museum in Paris is the perfect example of a mansard roof. This French-inspired roof style is very common if you are a fan of large and complex interior attics.
  • Shed Roof
    The shed roof looks like half of a traditional gable but with a unique style. Due to the lower slopes, this style is very common for porches.
  • Flat Roof
    Despite its name, this roof style is not totally flat. It does have a slight incline for proper water draining. Flat roofs are commonly used in commercial buildings to allow for ease of floor additions. However, this style is becoming popular in modern houses as well.

Common Roof Material

Aside from the flat roof, most roof styles mentioned above are composed roofing felt and asphalt shingle. Other possible roof material includes:

  • Flat/Single Ply
  • Metal Panel
  • Natural Slate
  • Tile (Concrete, Clay)
  • Wood shakes
  • Rubber Slate
  • Green Roof
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Our pro roofing services always include only the best in quality roofing supplies. We can help you decide which material is right for your unique roofing projects.

A History of Solid Roofing Projects

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Fixerjoe has helped over 17,150 satisfied clients repair their roof problems or achieve their new dream roof. Our master roofing contractors have installed, repaired, and replaced many roofs with our streamlined process and affordable price.

The results that we deliver to our clients encompass a wide array of different type of roofing projects. Our mission to provide protection and comfort will continue as long as there is a home or business that needs quality roofing services.

Take a look below at some completed projects and great reviews that we’re proud of. Contact us today for the best roofing contractors available.

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